Experienced in design for watches, furniture and cutting edge products

Brand Development

Specialized in corporate identity and semiological language


Graphic creations allowing to convey relevant messages and information

Who am I ?

My heterogeneous and complementary education (With a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering before a Designer’s diploma Designer and an International MSc Management and Business for Design), allowing me to have an excellent understanding of every stage of a product creation process within the industrial world..

A first experience as product manager in the field of the watchmaking and jewellery help me to understand the stakes and the necessities of a modern company turned to the international. Working with foreign people, each one owning a rich and specific culture, allowed me to better understand the needs and the different ways of a creative process. I also learn a lot about global management in real condition : I became able to understand and manage each step of the product development process.

Then I lived and worked as independant communication advisor and designer in Costa Rica (But also Nicaragua and Panama after a few weeks).Beyond the work experience, this period was rich in learning about life, culture and people.

Coming back in France, I decided to create my own creative studio, to raise new challenges, taking advantage of my experience and of my eclecticism.